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Also check our tips on how to write a research papersee the lists of research paper topicsand browse research paper examples. Meanings in Multidimensional Measures of Quality of Life. Example of an Index of Quality of Life in Nations. As a fairly new interdisciplinary field of inquiry, the quality-of-life research has quality research paper greatly from the discipline of sociology. The field consists of five overlapping traditions: quality research paper social indicators research, 2 happiness studies, 3 gerontology of successful aging, 4 psychology of well-being, and 5 health-related quality- of-life research.

The efforts of sociologists are particularly prominent in the first two of these traditions. Quality of life is also a major issue in the fields of the sociology of work and the sociology of the family.

Quality of life has always been a topic of interest in philosophy, where quality of life or the good life is viewed as a virtuous life. In the late twentieth century, however, quality of life became a topic of interest in the social sciences. Social scientists deal in a more empirical way with the subject and systematically gather data on the experiences of other people, quality research paper.

Insocial scientific quality-of-life research became institutionalized with the founding of the International Society for Quality of Life Studies. The theme of quality of life developed almost simultaneously in several fields of the social sciences.

In sociology, quality of life was often an implicit theme in sociographic studies, such as the portraits of rural life in the United States conducted by Ogburn Perceived quality of life is now a central issue in social reports in most developed countries, and items on that matter are standard in periodical social surveys.

Quality of life has also become an area of interest within the sociology of work, the sociology of housing, and family sociology Ferriss ; Schuessler and Fisher In the s, quality-of-life issues also began to appear in medical research with a focus on patient perceptions of their condition. In the s, quality of life also became an issue in economy. Quality-of-life research has its roots in several social developments.

One such development quality research paper the rise in the material standard of living and a concomitant reduction in the occurrence of famine and physical illness. The more humans are free of these ills, the less evident ways for further improvement become, and hence scientific research on the matter becomes more in demand. Interest in quality of life was also stirred by the rise of individualism. The more choices are available, the more interested people become in quality-of-life issues and alternative ways of living.

Ideologically, quality research paper, this orientation is manifested in a revival of utilitarian moral philosophy, in which happiness is the central goal Bentham This period of time also witnessed disenchantment with medical technology and a related call for more quality of life rather than mere extension of life.

Much of this criticism was voiced by the patient organizations that developed around this time. Quality of life was soon seen as a relevant side effect of cure and as a major outcome of care.

Consequently, quality research paper, quality of life became one of the indicators in systematic research into the effects of drugs and treatment protocols.

All social science deals with quality of life in some way. Sociological subjects such as income, power, and prestige can be seen as qualities, and this is also true for psychological subjects such as intelligence and mental health.

The crux of quality-of-life research is its inclusiveness; quality-of-life research is not about specific qualities of life but about overall quality, quality research paper. The concept is typically used to strike a balance and designate the desired overall outcome of policies and programs Schuessler and Fisher In practice, the term quality of life is used for different notions of the good life.

For the most part, quality of life denotes bunches of qualities of life, bunches that can be ordered on the basis of two distinctions. The first distinction is between opportunities for a good life and the outcomes of life. This distinction is quite common in the field of public health research. Preconditions for good health, such as adequate nutrition and professional care, are seldom mixed up with health itself.

A second difference is between external and inner qualities. In the first case, the quality is in the environment; in the latter, it is in the individual, quality research paper. This distinction is also quite common in public health, quality research paper. External pathogens are distinguished from inner afflictions. The combination of these two dichotomies yields a quality research paper matrix, as shown in Scheme 1.

The environmental conditions can be denoted by the term livability and the personal capacities by the term life ability. This difference is not new. The lower half of the scheme is about the quality of life with respect to its outcomes, quality research paper. The external quality research paper of a life is denoted by the term utility of life, the inner valuation quality research paper which is called appreciation of life.

Ecologists view livability in the natural environment and describe it in terms of pollution, quality research paper, global warming, and degradation of nature. Currently, livability is typically associated with environmental preservation. On the other hand, city planners see livability in the built environment and quality research paper it with sewerage systems, quality research paper, traffic jams, and ghetto formation.

Here, the good life is seen as a fruit of human intervention. Society is central in the sociological view. Firstly, livability is associated with the quality of society as a whole. The most common depiction of this aspect of quality of life is the absence of functional defects. Good quality of life is the body and mind working as designed.

This is the common meaning used in curative care. Psychological concepts of positive mental health also involve autonomy, reality control, creativity, and inner synergy of traits and strivings. The quality research paper of life represents the notion that a good life must be good for something more than itself.

When evaluating the external effects of a life, one can consider the utility of life functionality for the environment. At a higher level, quality of life is seen in contributions to society, the contributions an individual can make to human culture.

Moralists see quality in the preservation of the moral order and would deem the life of a saint to be better than that of a sinner. In this vein, the quality of a life is also linked to effects on the ecosystem. The final outcome of life for the quality research paper is the subjective appreciation of life, quality research paper. This is the quality of life in the eye of the beholder, commonly referred to by terms such as subjective well-being, life satisfaction, and happiness in a limited sense of the word, quality research paper.

Quality research paper are capable of evaluating their life in different ways. Like other higher animals, we have an ability to appraise our situation affectively. We feel good or bad about particular things and our mood level signals overall adaptation. These affective appraisals are automatic, but unlike other animals, humans can reflect quality research paper this experience. Humans also have a sense of how they have felt in the past. Humans can judge life cognitively by comparing their experience with notions of how it should be.

Quality-of-life research is primarily about measurement. Hence, the field can be aptly described by the measures used, of which there are quality research paper. In the following sections, examples of measures used in quality-of-life research are presented. The substantive dimensions these measures are thought to represent will be brought to light using the Scheme 1 classification.

One of the most common measures used in healthrelated quality-of-life research is the SF Health Survey Ware Scheme 2 shows how these topics fit the above classification of qualities of life. Most elements of this scale refer to performance potential and belong in the life-ability quadrant top right. This is not surprising, since the scale is aimed explicitly at health. Still, some of the quality research paper concern outcomes rather than potency, in particular the items on recent enjoyment of life last on the list.

As a proper health measure, the SF does not involve outer qualities. So the left quadrants in Scheme 2 remain empty. Several other quality research paper measures of quality of life involve items about quality research paper conditions that belong in the livability quadrant. For instance, the Quality of Life Interview Schedule by Ouelette-Kuntz involves items such as availability of services for handicapped persons.

In this supply-centered measure of the good life, life is better the more services are offered and the more greedily they are used. Likewise, quality research paper, the quality-of-life index for cancer patients Spitzer quality research paper al.

Some medical indexes also include outer effects that belong to the utility quadrant. Some typical items are continuation of work tasks and support provided to intimates and fellow patients.

Similar indexes have been developed in sociology, mostly in the context of marketing research for the welfare state. One of the first attempts to chart quality of life in a general population was the made in the Scandinavian study of comparative welfare under the direction of Erik Allardt Welfare is measured using the following criteria: income, housing, political support, social relations, being irreplaceable, doing interesting things, health, education, and life satisfaction, quality research paper.

These indicators can also be ordered in the fourfold matrix shown in Scheme 3. Most of the scale items belong in the top left quadrant because they concern preconditions for a good life rather than good living as such and because these chances are in the environment rather than in the individual.

This is the case with income, housing, political support, and social relations. Two further items also denote chances, but they are internal capabilities.

These are the health factor and the level of education. These items are placed in the top right quadrant of personal life ability. It denotes a value of life to others. The last two items belong in the enjoyment bottom right quadrant.

In addition to quality research paper measures for comparing quality of life within nations, there are also multidimensional measures for comparing quality of life across nations.


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Assessing Research Quality. The quality of social science and policy research can vary considerably. It is important that consumers of research keep this in mind when reading the findings from a research study or when considering whether or not to use data from a research study for secondary analysis. Sep 26,  · What is Quality Research and a Good Research Paper Often a question that plagues many a beginner research student is the major question: What is good research or How to write a good research paper. Often, this becomes a major headache for students striving to complete a dissertation for their masters programme or even their doctoral programme. This paper discusses the importance of good research, discusses common causes of bias, provides guidelines for evaluating research and data quality, and describes examples of bad research. A version of this paper was presented at the International Electronic Symposium on Knowledge Communication.