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Oil market set for oversupply: IEA The oil market is set for oversupply for the second half of the year, despite previous expectations of a deficit, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). IEA Oil Market Report: Markets remaining calm. in Oil & Companies News 16/05/ The theme we identified in last month’s Report of “mixed signals” is appropriate again this month, with. Jan 01,  · The IEA released highlights for the December Oil Market report in mid December. I have used information from the November report and assumed OPEC crude output will be Mb/d and non OPEC output will be kb/d below the November report supply estimate.

Oil market set for oversupply: IEA | Upstream Online

I have also used the demand estimates from the December highlights. Based on these assumptions World Supply from the first quarter of to the fourth quarter of is greater than demand by a total of million barrels, iea oil market report. In other words, World crude stocks should be million barrels more than the Dec level at the end ofif the supply and demand estimate presented is correct.

Also the fourth quarter demand estimate is 1. If that draw on stocks continues into then World crude stocks would fall to zero by mid June In the 2 following posts, quotas for each country in the November agreement are shown compared to historic production.

Init will also be interesting to see how Trump will handle the issues around the South China Sea. I like your posts Matt.

Especially the ones on Egypts play by play as it gets flushed down he hopper. Do you have any suggestions as to how Mexico might play out as it hits the cliff?

Mexico is catching a lot of migrants from points south, iea oil market report. Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are failed states. Mexico is a pressure cooker with no release valve. Regarding your to chart: how fast are you factoring extra heavy Canada and Venezuela resources to come on line to meet that production curve? After the Jean Laherrere post on global reserves I had a go at predicting a future supply trajectory myself.

It is based on Gb developed declining at 4. That gives Gb reserves remaining — about what he had. Extra heavy oil is given as 30 kbpd coming on stream every year until representing the drop off in tar sands development and probable falls in Venezuela production, and then kbpd added for every year after. As the projects take about 5 years to complete this would represent about 8 in development at any one time, but also requiring projects for 3 or 4 upgraders, 1 or 2 pipelines and a new refinery to be ongoing in parallel.

After that I just made reasonable guesses, assuming an extra three-year development time from discoveries for ne fields. Apart from added renewables and nuclear, and increasing efficiencies there will be a turn to gas if there is sufficient easily available, a loss in demand from recession depression in a lot of places I suspectand I think also an inevitable turn back to coal maybe with another push to in-situ gasification.

My non-oil projections for growth of electric cars — which are the key technology displacing oil usage. I believe since they are superior technology, they are essentially production-limited. I believe price issues will be automatically addressed by economies of scale as production increases.

So my production projections see a big increase in electric car iea oil market report in thanks to models we already know about.

I believe the high sales in cause much, much more capitalwhich causes much more investment by car companies. This takes years to pay off. So I see a huge increase in production and therefore sales in the time range. This is still well before market saturation is reached, iea oil market report. Before sometime in the range, we can expect petroleum demand to remain solid. But after that, demand will be dropping faster than the natural drop in supply.

There will be no new drilling, or at least not profitably, iea oil market report. With a three-year project time, the glut will remain brutal for three years afterwards as old projects go online.

At that point, iea oil market report, low oil prices become the determining factor in the size of iea oil market report. High-priced producers go bankrupt and shut down, iea oil market report. Refineries, now with excess capacity, go bankrupt and shut down. Refineries have to retool to optimize for aircraft kerosene production instead of gasoline production.

Thanks George. Thanks for breaking out iea oil market report different production sources. Zero available exports by !

When oil prices rise in and there will be increased output from Russia and OPEC, in my view. A lot of output in those nations has relatively short time for development, they just need to develop already discovered reserves, there will also be some increase in US LTO output and Canadian oil sands output with higher oil prices. Dennis — can you say what those resources are — i. I can only think of Iran as a possible source — but most of their stuff is gas flood, that needs big compressors to provide the injected gas — it is impossible to go through a design, procurement and start-up cycle on such systems in under 24 months.

There are combined cuts of 1. Also infill drilling will increase in other nations as oil prices increase. I believe that those estimates are too optimistic and iea oil market report may be too pessimistic.

A problem with your analysis is that you seem to assume no reserve growth just as Jean Laherrere does. I believe an assumption of no future reserve growth leads to too pessimistic an outlook. Perhaps iea oil market report is too optimistic, time will tell.

The extra heavy XH output scenario above assumes Gb iea oil market report ultimately recoverable resources from XH oil. The Overnighters Desperate, broken men chase their dreams and run from their demons in the North Dakota oil fields. A local Pastor risks everything to help them. An observational, near-invisible presence, he fills the frame with the faces of economic deprivation and bad choices, neither judging nor sugarcoating. What emerges is a blue-collar meditation on the meaning of community and the imperative of compassion.

Another year; another section of the Russian-roulette rollercoaster ride… where corkscrews could iea oil market report missing rivets…, iea oil market report. A ten percent drop in oil production over 12 years appears quite manageable. All we need is a twenty percent efficiency gain in that time to handle it easily. It will help push EV production.

Peak oil is not going to be that big a problem over the next decade or two, assuming Dennis and other guys who think like him are right in predicting a slow gradual decline in production.

If the price of batteries remains considerably higher than expected, and gasoline gets to be REALLY expensive, then plug in hybrids with as little as twenty to thirty mile electric range will probably sell almost as well as ice water in hell. Somebody who travels a lot will hopefully tell us how much it takes to iea oil market report the subways and buses in various big cities these days.

The bright side of high shipping costs is that such costs create a powerful incentive for every body from the producer to the final consumer to produce, distribute, sell and buy lighter and or more durable goods. That sort of good can easily and economically be produced locally almost anywhere. This leads to the conclusion that since costs are basically just passed along, in a competitive industry, we iea oil market report often be better off to pay twice as much to the manufacturerwhile seeing the retail price of the product go up by much LESS than half, if distribution and sales are efficient.

Really good tools, iea oil market report, good furniture, and good clothing LAST. Twice as much good solid oak and iea oil market report put into this furniture fifty to seventy five years ago has prevented our needing new cheap replacement furniture at least twice and likely three times.

By adding a gallon of antifreeze and a quart of special oil to put the total order over a hundred bucks, I got free shipping. The UPS truck dropped my radiator,antifreeze and oil off the very next morning, saving me a twenty five mile round trip to town. Same warranty, etc. The radiator was not in stock in the store, so I would have had to wait for it to be delivered THERE iea oil market report next day anyway. Disruption saved iea oil market report about fifty bucks in cash, a twenty five mile round trip to town, which takes at best over an hour, the wear and tear on my truck, the gasoline, etc, iea oil market report, and for a bonus I got a gallon of antifreeze and a quart of special lube.

The hundred mpg car is coming too, unless batteries get cheap enough fast enough to prevent it from being built and sold. IF it arrives it will be very low, very narrow, very light, with fore and aft seating rather than side by side seating.

Europe seems to have a lot of efficient small diesel cars. A little hypermiling or just gong easy on the throttle helps a lot. Always drive downwind too. Please note that diesel is denser than gasoline with more CO2 emissions to match and that European efficiency ratings are far less realistic than EPA ratings.

There is quite a big market for electric vehicles, however. The market is for delivery vans and utility vehicles in big crowded cities with air pollution issues. That is why China and Europe are leading the way. Innovation seeps into markets by occupying niches and spreading from there. That is why Tesla was successful.

They figured out that some rich people would pay a premium for an high performance electric car. It was also smart marketing. If EVs are what the rich drive, then those who aspire to being rich will be more inclined to buy them. You can see how the concept works with sporting goods. A new technology comes out and at first it is only sold in boutique stores and for a high price, iea oil market report.

The rich and trendy want it first and they want the best and they will pay for it to reflect the status they believe they deserve. Books did, which is why Amazon was able to kill the brick-and-mortar bookstore market so fast. Amazon does not take the same cut as the old wholesalers did, they take a smaller cut. Why am I not surprised that comment came from the left coast? The bigger the fool and lowlife you make yourself out to be, the more inclined the reader will be to consider my arguments.

My goal is to make my point about recent and future D party history. The caravan passes on. The dog continues to bark, convinced he scared it away. She wears flip flops. I suppose they compliment her Chairman Mao pantsuits, but I am no authority on fancy dress of the sort mandatory in Holly Wood. Bush administration, Congress passed a bill called the Secure Fence Act, which mandated double-layer fencing from San Diego to the southern tip of Texas.


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Mar 15,  · Source: IEA, made by Giovanni Saunovo. We also said as recently as our February take on IEA's oil market report that IEA's estimate for global oil . The IEA conducts a broad programme of energy research, data compilation, publications and public dissemination of the latest energy policy analysis and recommendations on good practices. Click here for more information on the IEA. Oil Market Report. The IEA's Oil Market Report . The CSIS Energy & National Security Program is pleased to host Keisuke Sadamori, Director of Energy Markets and Security at the International Energy Agency, to present the IEA's Oil Market Report In late , leading oil producers put together the most comprehensive agreement to limit oil output seen since to ensure the stabilization of oil prices and avoid economic dislocation in.